All of these wines are produced by small growers who make wines that we find exciting, vibrant and delicious. In general they are at the very least organic, rely on natural yeasts for fermentation with minimal additions in the cellar, sometimes none. The list is subject to change. All prices ex VAT.

Rue Fabriques d’en Nadal, Perpignan


We were delighted to discover these delicious vermouth's, produced by the team behind Sagi Taverna in Perpignan. It's frequented by natural winemakers, because of the selection they have and one of these - Gilles Trouilier, offered them an old Syrah barrel to use, when they were talking about making some vermouth. This spurred them onto go forward and now they make a few different, delicious styles in tiny quantities. The wine always from winemakers in the region and the flavourings used are wild plants and herbs often grown wild and fruit from farmers who work in permaculture. They sweeten with organic cane sugar or molasses but tend to give less sweetness that many vermouth producers. They are then aged in barrel for 2-3 months to stabilise and for the flavours to come together. 


This has a base of Muscat Petit Grains from Famille Dornier. The botanicals used are fresh herbs like basil, fennel, thyme and rosemary. We used also fresh citrus from our area citrus, orange and several Japanese varieties developed locally by a producer that they know well, sudashi and yuzu for instance. Beautifully light, with a lovely herbal lift, this is delicious on it's own, but we like it most with a dash of soda and some citrus in the glass. 

AMARG £17.50

The Amarg as you may guess is the most bitter of their products, dialled up to make a lovely digestif in the style of the Italian amaro, or brilliant to mix in cocktails.