Clos Des Folies, Berrie, Loire

We found the wines of Clos Des Folies through Francois Saint-Lo, their cellar is in the same village and the son of Stephanie & Romuald who run Clos Des Folies is working in the cellar with Francois. Over whole lamb cooked in the vinegar of Hey Gro! 2019 ( a sad story) we tasted through their wines with Stephanie and could see, the link between the two wineries clearly.

Romuald & Stephanie have worked in vineyards for 23 years, beginning with Jo Pithon, Francois Poirel and then like François a spell with Olivier Cousin. They took on this domaine in 2014 starting with just a hectare, now up to 2.5 hectares of Cabernet Franc & Grolleau, most of the vines being 60-70 years old. Everything is done by hand with no chemicals used in the vineyard or the cellar. 

The wines share an energy vitality with the work that Francois' does.