All of these wines are produced by small growers who make wines that we find exciting, vibrant and delicious. In general they are at the very least organic, rely on natural yeasts for fermentation with minimal additions in the cellar, sometimes none. The list is subject to change. All prices ex VAT.



As a child growing up in Alsace Raphaël worked in the vineyards of the Meyer family in Nothalten and he has barely left the vines since. After some years working in Alsace, he left for the Auvergne working with Vincent Marie of No Control. That’s where he met Emélie, originally from Quebec who worked with Aurelien Lefort and Patrick Bouju before eventually joining up with Raphaël when he was offered the vines in the south of Beaujolais through a contact of Vincent (he still sells some of the fruit to him.) Enough of stellar CV’s - now they plough (no pun intended, but yes they do use draft horses in the vineyard,) their own path. For winemaking generally they macerate whole bunch, dropping the grapes into the Cuve and not interfering before pressing, bottling always without any additions, fining or filtering. 

J'AIME JM LITRE 2022  £20.75

In 2022, they bottled their collaboration with Jean-Marc in litre bottles for the first time. As usual a blend of their Gamay with Alsace varietals, this time all white, it's bright, full of fruit and best served nicely chilled.


100% Gamay, from Theize, the soils littered with the Pierres Dorées (yellow stones) of the region. This is dense and mineral, benefiting from extra time in barrel, a silky savoury Beaujolais, more Rhone than Bojo. 


Accacia is made by Emelie with the grapes of their neighbour and friend Benjamin Yvernai, direct press, 100% Gamay, bottled in January 2024.
The latest in the series of Petillant's this is wonderfully refreshing with plenty of pink fruit. The perfect aperitif.

ERNEST 2022 LITRE £20.75

Names after their son Ernest, the 2022 version is a mix of 3 parcels assembling clay-limestone (aged in wood) and granite sand (aged in stoneware jar) 100% Gamay, aged 1 year, bottled in January 2024.

Lovely dark red fruit, with lush tannins and a little weight, this is the perfect wine to go alongside some grilled meats.

ERNEST 2023 LITRE £20.75

Names after their son Ernest, the 2023 version assembles parcels of clay-limestone and granite sand, but all aged in wood, then bottled in January 2024.

It's has tons of dark fruit, but with silky tannins and so much purity. A real joy to drink.



We met Maud working in the cellar of Raphaël Beysang & Émélie Hurtubise in southern Beaujolais. She, like Émélie is from Quebec, but moved to Beaujolais to follow her winemaking dream after spending a lot of time working in restaurants and wine bars around Montreal. Allowed cellar space in Raph & Em's cellar, she farms a tiny surface, where she is making brilliantly pure wines that have her unique imprint but still brim with the energetic bright dark fruit that we've come to expect from best Gamay of this region. 

P.S TENDRESSE 2021  £17

This Gamay comes from 40 year old vines planted on clay and limestone on an eastern exposure, it was macerated whole bunch for ten days, aged in clay jars from October 2021 until May 2022, before bottling. No additions were made. Like Raphael's Noah wine, this developed a flor on the wine, but is not oxidative, but seemed to give the wine more focus and fresness, it has lovely depth of fruit with a little lick of VA which lifts the wine rather than detracts from it. 


100% Gamay. Maude gave the grapes ten days of maceration, before ageing in fibreglass for ten months. It's supple, silky, with lovely aromatics and very pretty fruit, a really delicate expression of southern Beaujolais. No additions fining of filtering.


From Gamay vines at Montgiron exposed south-east and growing on pink sand and granite. Maude gave the grapes ten days of maceration, before ageing in amphora for ten months. It's very pretty with lovely pure fruit and beautiful aromatics, a really delicate expression of southern Beaujolais. No additions fining of filtering. 



Originally from Normandy Nicolas Pavie studied biochemistry & language science, but long had an interest in wine, he worked in a wine cellar for ten years, all the while visiting vineyards and winemakers. Eventually he took the decision to try and make wine, spending time working with two of the winemakers whose wines had most intrigued him. Through a lot of reading, theoretical knowledge and this practice for Nicolas: . The most important thing to work without sulfur: pruning and control of the yields and an excellent sanitary state of the grapes at harvest time.

In 2015 Nicolas took the plunge and took on some surface in Theize in Beaujolais, he now has 1.8 hectares of vines, all Gamay. Three plots of land harvested and vinified separately: sandy soil, clay-limestone, clay-limestone studded with golden stones. (The famous Pierre Dorees of the region). 

He works the soils only at the level of the vines without motorised machinery but with a grelinette so that this work is done with as little noise as possible in the vines. The aim is to leave the soil alone and let it express itself. This important manual work allows Nicolas to be in very regular contact with each vine stock. 

Grapes are hand-picked in small crates, 3 and a half weeks of maceration without intervention (infusion), manual pressing, bottling, corking... by hand and minimal use of pump.

FATUM 2021 £15

The first vintage for a tiny new plot he took over in 2021, a vintage that was wet and cool. He applied his usual approach, 3 and a half week infusion of the grapes and aged this juice in tank. As with many in the region has some reduction on opening, but with a little air unfurls into a very pretty wine, full of dark red fruit. 

ULTREIA 2021 £19 / £41

From his smaller plot in Theize, littered with the golden stones of the region, the grapes had 4 weeks of maceration, using his infusion method, then aged in tank. A little reduction on opening unfurls into a deep, sultry wine with silky dark fruit. 

LA GRANDE ILLUSION 2022 £20.50 / £44

This wine comes from two separate parcels planted on clay limestone soils, planted in the 1950's. As with all of Nicolas' wines there was around 3-4 week maceration of whole bunches in tank - with no punchers or extraction before a very slow press. This was aged in old barrel - from one of his friends in the Jura, for 12 months. Not as woody as the last Grande Illusion, it's already drinking beautifully, with plump dark fruit and very silky tannins.

METANOIA 2020 £20.50 / £45

This remarkable wine comes from a millefeuille of all Nicolas' parcels in 2020, given a 4 week whole bunch macerations with no interventions, before a very slow press, then aged in barrel for 18 months. It's dense, long and has remarkable depth, showing well already, but destined to age for years.

CLOTHO 2020 £22.50 / £45

We are delighted to grab the last of this wonderful wine. It's from Gamay grown on 100% Granite soils near Nicolas' cellar in Saint Romain De Popey. He gave the grapes a very gentle 4 week whole bunch maceration, before pressing off into barrel for 24 months. With incredibly silky tannins and pure fruit and with an impossibly long finish, this is a real showcase of Nicolas' talents.

LACHESIS 2020 £21.50 

This is from the parcel in Theize on light clay and limestone. Grapes were macerated whole bunch for 4 weeks, before 25 months in barrel. Dense, silky and very long, this is a quite remarkable expression of southern Beaujolais Gamay. 

LES LUDDITES 2021 £21.50 / £45

100% Gamay on granite soils, from 50 year old vines planted just outside his cellar. In the cooler vintage of 2021, the wines are fresher, lighter but somehow retain their length. Luddites is probably our favourite wine of the vintage, from when we tasted it in barrel until now when we are fortunate to grab some for the UK.

IMPERMANENCE 2021 £19.50

From Theize on stony soils of clay and limestones, dotted with the golden stones of the region. The grapes were given a full 4 weeks of maceration, then given 14 months elevage in barrels. The lighter vintage has given a pretty, elegant wine, smoky, mineral and very pure of fruit. 

ANASTASIS 2022 £18.50 

From the vines on granite, the grapes were given 3.5 weeks of whole bunch maceration, before ageing in tanks for 10 months. This is already very lovely, bright, bursting with fruit, but with the signature depth and complexity that Nicolas manages to find. 

ANASTASIS 2023 £17.50 / £40

From the vines on granite, the grapes were given 3.5 weeks of whole bunch maceration, before ageing in tanks for 12 months. This is already very lovely, bright, bursting with fruit, but with the signature depth and complexity that Nicolas always manages to find. 

NO JUDGEMENT DAY 2022 £19.50 

From the vines on clay and limestone, this had a similar maceration to the Anastasis and was also aged in tank. However the vines are on clay and limestone soils, giving a richer, more exotic fruit profile. Delicious as always!



Romain Des Grottes is not a typical Beaujolais producer, he has forged his own path from the start, not being particularly connected to any kind of wine movement. Through his own intuition and beliefs he has  ended up making wines in the most natural way possible with a style unique to him.It starts with the farming, which is organic and uses very little if any copper in the vineyard. When harvesting, he starts with a very early harvest of all the fruit for his soft drink L'Antidote and his low alcohol sparkling Petit Coin De Paradis. for these wines he picks all of the 'not perfect' fruit, to press direct. The vine gives all of it's energy to what's left on the vine, allowing him to pick earlier than anyone in the region but still have bright, ripe fruit (he has the same team as Michel Guignier, they start with Romain and end with Michel!)

Despite all being bottled essentially as primeurs, the wines age very well and we are often surprised by older vintages of his wines. In recent years Romain has expanded to making co-ferments of soft fruit and wine, cider and wine blends and even a CBD lemonade. 

L'ANTIDOTE 2023 £9

Romain's incredibly popular soft drink was originally conceived as a sparkling version of his low-alcohol fizz, to make something everybody could drink. He experimented a lot and created a complex blend of herbs, citrus, ginger, apple and of course Gamay juice. He steeps the herbs at different temperatures in the juice for the right extraction and everything is blended before bottling. It's unique and a perfect alternative, particularly lovely as an aperitif. 

TRUC DE BUVE 2021 £14.50

Truc De Buve is produced from the same fruit but given an extra day of maceration and aged in fibreglass, this drinking particularly well already, incredibly fresh and bright with sour cherries and lean acidity. Drink chilled. 

BRUT DE CUVE 2022 £14.50

2022 was a stellar vintage that suited Romain's unique style. This is already drinking very well, with beautiful bright perfumed fruit. 


Romain describes this as 'harder extraction' than the brut de cuve, but that is only in the context of his other wines. Given a longer maceration this has slightly denser rounder red berry fruit and is also already drinking very well. 



Olga has been officially  installed as winemaker since the beginning of 2019, with around 3 hectares of vines on the same estate as her brother. She first started in wine by harvesting for winemakers renting vines to my family: Romain (of course), Stephen and Mathilde from Lou y es-tu, Balmet, Vuillod… then cutting season and lately, green chores during spring. She  started being curious of the work they were doing in the cellar and studied at the Beaune wine college. After this she spent time working with Vincent Marie of No Control in the Auvergne. 


100% Gamay, given a month of maceration. This has more structure than the Gavinol, with a remarkable balance of freshness and intensity that has aged very well and is starting to show beautifully. 



Part-time teacher Robin started making wine when he moved to the countryside and bought a house with his family which came with a small vineyard, After encountering natural winemakers of the area like Romain Des Grottes and Herve Ravera he was inspired to make wine himself, first just with this vineyard and then in the neighbouring Marchampt where Herve is based. He works organically, everything by hand, with careful natural touch and strict attention to detail.

60% DE VELOURS 2021 £13.50

The 2021 from this parcel  is as you'd expect from the cooler vintage, lighter in alcohol and already showing beautifully with elegant brambly fruit and a certain crunchiness that keeps you coming back for more!


From the same parcel as 2020, 80 year old vines behind Robin's house. Even with a slightly longer maceration the coolness of 2021 has given a real freshness and elegance to this wine even in its relative youth. 

FACON PUZZLE 2022 £15.50

An enlivening Petillant produced from free run juice of Gamay, bottled before the sugars finished in bottle. Robin releases it undisgorged, keeping the texture and energy of the wine in place. Best served well-chilled and kept upright in the fridge before serving!

36 FOIS LE MISE 2022 £13.50

From Robin’s highest parcel, above the 60% De Velours, at 500m altitude on granite soils, that he has recently acquired. He gave the grapes a gentle 10 day maceration whole bunch before pressing into fibreglass. 

60% DE VELOURS 2022 £14.50

From the warmer 2022 vintage, this is a parcel at about 450m altitude, which he gives a two week whole bunch maceration before ageing in fibreglass. Full of silky dark fruit, it is very elegant and long with enough weight to stand up to food, a lovely vintage. 


From his oldest vines, soils more clay and limestone, Robin gives this wine a two week maceration with just a touch more extraction, bringing some sultry tannins to the riper fruit. 



Trading in life as a software engineer for making wine sounds like a dream, which in this case was a reality for Lillian Bauchet when in 2007 he took on vines around Fleurie, mentored by the likes of Phillip Jambon. But this change wasn't enough for Lillian's curious mind and he moved in 2014 to find smaller surface in the village of Lancie, outside of the cru appellations. It was here he started to experiment with planting hybrid grape varieties, an experimental vineyard of mixed varietals originally at the site of a disused tennis court. These varietals are much more disease resistant and require no or very little treatments, unlike noble varietals where in 2021 the wet weather led people doubling or tripling the amount they used. 

Now these hybrid varietals are his passion and he is known as something of an authority in the area, planting plenty and advising Romain Des Grottes and Robin Goutallier on their own hybrid plantings. 

The old argument is that these varietals do not produce great wine, but in recent years natural winemakers in particular are proving that this is not the case. When tasting the 2021 wines from Lillian & Sophie, you can see this potential in evidence.. 

 PLAN B 2020 £16

Lilian's flagship white is a delicious blend of Souvignier Gris & Muscaris, pressed direct and aged in fibreglass. It has a lovely lush texture, yes is fresh and full of crisp fruit. One of the best wines made from hybrid grapes we have tried. 

DAZIBAO 2022 £16.50

This energetic red is a blend of 85% Gamay de Beaujolais with a mix of hybrid grapes: hybrids Florental, Chambourcin, two old hybrids of gamay, Leon Millot and Maréchal Foch. Brimming with wild dark fruit, it has a little co2 on opening, the red berries of the gamay are complemented by the rustic brightness of the hybrid grapes. Perfect with a cassoulet!