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Domaine Einhart, Rosenwiller, Alsace

Introducing Domaine Einhart!

Earlier in the year I took a trip to Alsace with a few tip-offs from Alsace-born Bojalien Raphael Beysang. We are delighted to introduce the first fruit of this trip - the wines of Theo & his father Nicolas.

Located in Rosenwiller, a few miles from Rosheim, in the northern part of Alsace, the estate dates back to the Theo's grandfather who ran a vine nursery. Theo's father Nicolas, joined the estate in 1990 and after considering the consequences of using pesticies, gradually converted the 10 hectares completely to organics in 2008, then starting to convert to biodynamics in 2016, 3 hectares so far. The soils here are mainly clay-limestone, three prevailing different types of limestone which bear a deep imprint on the wines - shell, oolitic & dolomotic

For a long time, Nicolas sold his fruit, but in 2020, due to the pandemic, Theo ended up back home, after spending time working and learning vinification in Burgundy. His intention was to travel the world, but with that looking unlikely he decided to make some wine instead. Now he works together in the vineyards with his father and his grandmother, who still helps on the estate.

Theo is in his early 20's but is remarkably focused, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. I learnt a lot about pruning methods on our trip. There is a sense of kinship with the other natural winemakers of Alsace and in this region particularly, he is able to call up Jean-Marc Dreyer, a long-time family friend and Julien Albertus of Kumpf Et Meyer, who also has bought fruit from the estate for a few years.

In the cellar Theo favours short destemmed macerations of the fruit, be it red or white grapes, any transfer of juice is done by gravity and much care is taken to limit the exposure of oxygen. The wines are unfiltered, unfined and bottled without additions. For a first vintage they are remarkably precise, with a real vibrancy to the fruit - they are also incredibly stable. We can't wait to follow the journey of this estate!