All of these wines are produced by small growers who make wines that we find exciting, vibrant and delicious. In general they are at the very least organic, rely on natural yeasts for fermentation with minimal additions in the cellar, sometimes none. The list is subject to change. All prices ex VAT.



Benoit Killian is a musician, wine-seller and more recently wine-maker. After a chance meeting with a bottle from Marcel Lapierre back in 2007, his head was turned toward natural wine and he went to visit Marcel, a revelatory experience. Through the next five years he visited many producers and sold their wines, in between his musical commitments. In 2012 he had been told by Guy Bussière that his domaine was for sale. But at the time did not have the money, the space to vinify and was busy with music.

 It was sold to someone else and he thought that would be the last of that story. In 2018 he drove past and saw the vines were a wasteland, not tended too. Now could be the time, he knew the potential of these vineyards which had never had chemicals on them.  Guy’s grandfather planted the vines at the turn of the last century and resisted the oncoming of chemical agriculture.With the help of friends like Marc Soyard, Gilles Ballorin & Romuald Valot he checked the vines were recoverable and yes - with hard work they were. Benoit is making precise, delicious wines that offer a taste of the potential of this little heralded part of Burgundy. Predictably, there isn’t much to go around.


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Our visit to Arnaud came from a tip-off from our friend Jesse who was working with Domaine Dandelion at the time (Arnaud works some of Chandon’s parcels, where Christian from Dandelion is head winemaker.). On a beautifully misty morning in the Haute Côtes De Beaune we saw his family vineyard, Aligoté and Pinot planted by his parents, originally sold to a co-operative but now Arnaud makes his own wine and has recently planted more of these varietals. The wines are electric - lightly extracted juices full of energy and very pure fruit. We have finally managed to get some wine from Arnaud, but predictably there is not a lot to go around. 


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In the outer reaches of Burgundy, the Yonne, Baptiste Delhomme & David Arnaiz are crafting delicious, exotic wines from a myriad of varietals planted on the vineyards they farm in the area. They have of course the signature Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Aligote, but are also blessed with Savagnin, Sacy (indigenous to this region and called Tresallier in the Auvergne) plus a little Melon De Bourgogne, Pinot Gris & Viognier! Working with a 100 year old wooden press that they restored, they tend to traditional methods, working slowly and painstakingly to make pure-fruited wines of real vibrancy, that represent exceptional value for the quality on show. 

In 2015 Nicolas took the plunge and took on some surface in Theize in Beaujolais, he now has 1.8 hectares of vines, all Gamay. Three plots of land harvested and vinified separately: sandy soil, clay-limestone, clay-limestone studded with golden stones. (The famous Pierre Dorees of the region). 

He works the soils only at the level of the vines without motorised machinery but with a grelinette so that this work is done with as little noise as possible in the vines. The aim is to leave the soil alone and let it express itself. This important manual work allows Nicolas to be in very regular contact with each vine stock. 

Grapes are hand-picked in small crates, 3 and a half weeks of maceration without intervention (infusion), manual pressing, bottling, corking... by hand and minimal use of pump.

PIFONOURS 2022 £17.50

This is a delicious oxidative white, produced from a blend of 70% Aligote & 30% Sacy, a grape native to this area and also the Auvergne where it is known as Tresallier. It has a lovely freshness and acidity from these two varietals, balanced with a rich, salty, oxidative note. Perfect with a slice of Comte!


100% Chardonnay from a single parcel, named 'Justice'. A more exotic profile, with a distinct salinity and flintiness framing the rich fruit. Reminiscent of something from the Jura more than Burgundy. 

PUNK'S PINOT DEAD 2021 £17.50

Pinot Noir destemmed and given a short maceration on the skins, then aged in barrel, they age the press juice (the juice that comes after pressing the grapes and the free-run juice (the juice that naturally comes out of the grapes) separately. This is the press juice and thus has a touch more silky tannins and a pleasant spikiness that keeps the lovely black fruit in check. 

ROUGE DE LA 2021 £17.50

Pinot Noir destemmed and given a short maceration on the skins, then aged in barrel, they age the press juice (the juice that comes after pressing the grapes and the free-run juice (the juice that naturally comes out of the grapes) separately. This is the free run juice, a little lighter and finer, with plenty of pretty dark red fruit.