All of these wines are produced by small growers who make wines that we find exciting, vibrant and delicious. In general they are at the very least organic, rely on natural yeasts for fermentation with minimal additions in the cellar, sometimes none. The list is subject to change. All prices ex VAT.



Adam and Dani make Cider, Perry and a bit of apple juice in a small shed  nestled in the side of the Teme Valley a mile upstream from Knighton, Powys. The fruit is all hand harvested, from orchards around the Wye Valley, their current main source is between Hay on Wye and Bredwardine, Herefordshire. Trees are around 60-80 years old and is blessed with a good variety of apples The orchard is in good condition having spent the last 20 years managed organically for Dunkertons. They have their own orchard, which is very young, so until 2019 the apples just got put into blends - this year they managed to bottle a very small amount of single orchard cider which at some point will get a very limited release. 

In terms of process - once the fruit is milled they let the pommace stand to macerate in open top containers for 24-48 hours before pressing, then the wild yeasts do the fermenting. They rack the cider off its lees throughout the winter months, slowing the fermentation down enough so that when it is bottled it ferments a little to condition the cider but stops leaving sugars present. No additions fining or filtering and if they are disgorged, it’s done by hand.

BRONWEN 2020 £8

Named after Adam's daughter, this is a blend of Dabinett, Browns, Stoke Red, Kingston Black, Harry Masters Jersey and Michelin. Orchard blend from our usual Hawkswood Farm orchard (the fruit has gone into to Rural Method and Pommage in the last few vintages) This is lightly sparkling, very rounded with soft tannins and chalky fruit, wonderfully refreshing and a perfect aperitif. Bottled in August 2021. 

KNIGHTON 2021 £8.50

The second release from apples grown in their own orchard, which they planted themselves 10 years ago! A blend of Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Browns and Stoke Red. Well balanced and bright, with good tannins.

COURT OF NOKE 2021 £8.50

A remarkable new cider produced from a blend of apples picked at a heritage orchard which the Davies brothers have been asked to maintain locally, the trees are historic and old and they are restoring the orchard here. Pouring a beautiful amber, this has soft chalky tannins, crunchy fruit and a roundness and depth that is only found in the best ciders from healthy old orchards. A delight. 


Rural Method 2022: A blend of fruit from two very special old orchards, The Boymar orchard at the Court of Noke and the Cottage Orchard at Breinton. Both planted over 80 years ago. Trees rooted deep into the thick Herefordshire red clay soil. Full flavoured medium dry cider with a light carbonation. Possibly the two best terrains they get fruit from and the brothers are proud to say that they feel like they’ve done them justice in this bottle.


It was a particularly great year for quince and the two trees they normally harvest at Park Farm were fruiting well. They put a notice in the window of Dani's restaurant asking locals for more quince and managed to collect about 150kg. After a few weeks sunbathing these were milled, macerated and then pressed with Kingston Black bittersharp cider apples also from Park Farm and an unknown Crimson Coloured Bittersweet cider apple from the orchards at Breinton where the Bulmer family brought over many varieties from France to experiment with.  The result tastes fun. It’s sparkling and off dry.


Their second proper year managing and harvesting this incredibly beautiful old orchard near the village of Pembridge in North Herefordshire close to the Welsh Border. Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey and Foxwhelp, the same blend as 2021. The health of this location shows through in the ciders. The orchard produces excellent quality apples with great concentration of flavour particularly so in a year like this. A lovely balanced medium dry sparkling cider.