Nicolas Pavie, Theize, Beaujolais


They say the wines reflect the maker and I don't think that has been more true and in the case of Nicolas Pavie. He has a holistic approach to his life which seems perfectly reflected in the way the wines taste. His small surface area allows him to really focus on every area of his winemaking, which he pretty much exclusively does himself. The wines are incredibly accurate, without losing any energy or edge. 

Nicolas Pavie makes exceptional wines on his tiny surface in an unfashionable part of Beaujolais.  

Originally from Normandy Nicolas Pavie studied biochemistry & language science, but long had an interest in wine, he worked in a wine cellar for ten years, all the while visiting vineyards and winemakers. Eventually he took the decision to try and make wine, spending time working with two of the winemakers whose wines has most intrigued him. Through a lot of reading, theoretical knowledge and this practise for Nicolas: . The most important thing to work without sulfur: pruning and control of the yields and an excellent sanitary state of the grapes at harvest time.

In 2015 Nicolas took the plunge and took on some surface in Theize in Beaujolais, he now has 1.8 hectares of vines. Three plots of land harvested and vinified separately: sandy soil, clay-limestone, clay-limestone studded with golden stones. (The famous Pierre Dorees of the region). 

He works the soils only at the level of the vines without motorised machinery but with a grelinette so that this work is done with as little noise as possible in the vines. The aim is to leave the soil alone and let it express itself. This important manual work allows me to be in very regular contact with each vine stock. A way of being more and more in touch, In the hope that this approach will be beneficial for the vine and for Nicolas.

 Grapes are hand-picked in small crates, 3 and a half weeks of maceration without intervention (infusion), manual pressing, bottling, corking... by hand and minimal use of pump.