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Sagi Taverna, Vermouth - Cuvée Blanc

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This vermouth is somewhat the result of a happy coincidence, when winemaker Gilles Trouiller offered unused Syrah barrels at the Sagi Taverna in Perpignan. The idea of ​​serving a wine-based aperitif is already on the minds of the group of friends behind this wonderful taverna and they started experimenting with several recipes.

After several months of testing and lots of love, vermouth was born! Served to customers of the restaurant, it very quickly met with real enthusiasm among locals and visitors on vacation.

Made more in the Catalan style than the Italian, they use a base of wines from small producers growing biodynamically and without inputs and flavour the vermouth with  plants wild or from permaculture.

Although the origins of vermouth are attributed to Italy, or even Germany, Northern Catalonia has its own rich history - since the second half of the 18th century, Cinchona, which enjoyed worldwide success and the Byrrh brand, based in Thuir. in 1910 the company distributed more than 30 million litres of Byrrh per year, even building the largest cellars in the world. One of them will reach a capacity of 1,000,200 liters, a record never equaled until now.

White vermouth!

Based on Muscat petits grains, they flavour this with fresh herbs like basil, fennel, thym and rosemary. We used also fresh citrus from our area citrus, orange and several Japanese varieties developed locally by a producer that we know well, sudashi and yuzu for instance.

They use grape must and local gin to fortify and add a small amount of molasses to sweeten. After it's finished they age in barrel for two-three months to stabilise and mature the flavour. 

This white vermouth, is lighter on the pallet wonderfully fresh and a little too easy to drink! We like this one with orange or lemon and a little soda. Nothing more!

Great aperitif!



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