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L'Arbre Blanc, Les Fesses 2019

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The Gounan family has been in Saint Sandoux for generations. Fred’s father had apple orchards as many people in the area once did. Sadly these orchards have now been replaced with the ubiquitous wheat and so have most of the vineyards. Fred and Caroline’s two small plots of Pinot Noir stand alone on the basaltic western slope of the valley in whose trough runs the A75 opposite the hill of Corent (home of Patrick Bouju and François Dhumes). Off to the north Fred points out a patch of vines that his neighbour has left to run wild, next to that he shows us some Pinot Gris and Sauvignon that he planted in 2010. The two plots of Pinot Noir, one higher and one lower, are both planted en lyre, a system that enhances leaf and fruit exposure to the sun (much needed in the moderate climate of the Auvergne) and, as Fred assures, acts as a cosmic funnel. The funneling seems to work, Fred’s vines are beautiful and the ground around them rich with other plant life - testament to his and Caroline’s work.

A unique macerated wine from beautiful terroir. The Sauvignon blanc is pressed direct and the Pinot Gris is added to the juice in whole berries for close to a year. It makes a very serious rounded and delicious wine with a bit of grip, lot's of fruit and a lovely roundness. Can be drank now but will age wonderfully. 


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