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Skyborry Cider Rural Method 2022

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Adam and Dani make Cider, Perry and a bit of apple juice in a small shed  nestled in the side of the Teme Valley a mile upstream from Knighton, Powys. The fruit from this year was all hand harvested mainly from an orchard in between Hay on Wye and Bredwardine, Herefordshire. Trees are around 60-80 years old and a few different varieties that they had not pressed before. The orchard is in good condition having spent the last 20 years managed organically for Dunkertons. Once milled they let the pommace stand to macerate in open top containers for 24-48 hours before pressing, then the wild yeasts do the fermenting. They rack the cider off its lees throughout the winter months, slowing the fermentation down enough so that when it is bottled it ferments a little to condition the cider but stops leaving sugars present. No additions fining or filtering and disgorged by hand.

Rural Method 2022: A blend of fruit from two very special old orchards, The Boymar orchard at the Court of Noke and the Cottage Orchard at Breinton. Both planted over 80 years ago. Trees rooted deep into the thick Herefordshire red clay soil. Full flavoured medium dry cider with a light carbonation. Possibly the two best terrains they get fruit from and the brothers are proud to say that they feel like they’ve done them justice in this bottle.


6% abv

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