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Belly Wine Experiment, Mensonge à Papa 2020

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Claire Sage and Aimé Duveau make wine in a small village on the Allier river, and while they haven’t been doing it long we are very excited by the results. They were both connected to wine through family: Claire’s brother is an importer of Catalan wines to Paris (which explains the prevalence of Xarello in their wines); Aimé’s father is Manu Duveau of Yahou Fatal, where they harvest the majority of their Auvergnat grapes. The winemaking is intuitive and, as the name would suggest, experimental.

This a blend two Gamay varietals - d'Auverne & Beaujolais. They are from Aimé’s father, Manu Duveau, in Auvergne. Macerated for longer than the others, but very gently, with very stony fruit. 

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