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A Bojalien selection! - Six wines from the wilder edges of Beaujolais.

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Six wines from the wilder edges of the Beaujolais

Lillian Bauchet - Plan B 2020

A rare white wine from the Beaujolais crafted by pioneer and hybrid grape enthusiast Lilian. It's a blend of Muscaris & Souvignier Gris, pressed direct and given extended elevage in fibreglass. Bright rounded with a green fruit and  lovely oxidative edge it shows the true potential of these varietals. 

Lilian Bauchet - Da Zi Bao 2022

This energetic red is a blend of 85% Gamay de Beaujolais with a mix of hybrid grapes: hybrids Florental, Chambourcin, two old hybrids of gamay, Leon Millot and Maréchal Foch. Brimming with wild dark fruit, it has a little co2 on opening, the red berries of the gamay are complemented by the rustic brightness of the hybrid grapes. Perfect thing for the table.

Maud Rochette - Chiens Romantiques 2022

100% Gamay, given a 10 day maceration and then aged in fibreglass. Maud has a light touch with her wines that give them an elegance and lift that marks them out and this is a great example. 

Robin Goutallier - 36 Fois la Mois 2022


Gamay at altidude - 500m to be exact and planted on blue granite soils. This has a lovely mineral edge to the red fruit and is equally at home on the table or just as a glass with friends. 

Raphael Beysang & Emelie Hurtubise - Lapins 2021 (Litre bottle)

Gamay from Theize, the golden stones of this part of Beaujolais give a real stoniness to this dense, mineral wine, full of supple dark fruit. Delicious with a wintery stew.

Romain Des Grottes - Truc De Buve 2021

Irony, light, bright Gamay from Romain, who's idiosyncratic style makes wines that are like no-one else's. Served chilled this is the perfect wake me up after a long day of eating and drinking and is pleasingly low in alcohol too. 

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