Louis Terral, Merignat, Bugey.


Louis Terral is in his own words a ‘nomad’ originally from the resort town of Royan and after some wandering, now set up in Bugey, the home of his wife. He came to winemaking in 2013 and worked with among others Julie Balagny, Michel Guignier, Jean-Louis Dutraive & Phillip Valette, a very good education among great winemakers and beautiful vineyards. While visiting the home of his wife and spending some time working with biodynamic sparkling wine producer Raphael Bartucci he saw the potential of Bugey vineyards. Indeed he is the only winemaker in the village to make still wine in a place that is a stronghold of the Bugey-Cerdon sparkling tradition. He purchased his first vineyard in 2016, while still working for other vignerons and has grown that to 2 hectares of mostly Gamay with a smattering of Chardonnay. He practises Biodynamics methods in the vineyard, is certified organic and will be certified by Demeter next year and is very interested in farming, influenced more latterly by Fukuoka (we spoke of the radical methods of Patrick Desplats when we visited). . These are elegant, fine and detailed wines that show the true potential of Bugey. All wines are made without additions. 

The wines are all named after famous women. Vera Rubin the 2nd Female astronomer, Lucie Aubrac, a member of the French resistance, Marianne - the face of the French republic, from Louis' politics, the original version a militant female revolutionary. 

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