About us

Natural wines. Real wines. Call them whatever you like. The important thing for us is that we source these types of wine because we like them, a lot.

They are wines of real character, wildly varying in style and bearing the imprint of where they come from, he people who made them and the vagaries of climate.

They tend to be low in added sulphur, reliant on natural yeasts rather than laboratory ones and are generally much less interfered with than the majority of wine on the market.

Some are certified as organic, some as biodynamic - for many the only accreditation we can offer is that we enthusiastically recommend them.

We feel like we have embarked on a never ending journey of discovery with these wines and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

Since Spring 2017 we have imported wines direct from growers, starting in the Loire, but now in the Ardeche, Beaujolais, Bugey and the Languedoc.  It's an exciting feeling to be responsible for bringing in some great wines that are new to the UK.

We also always have a selection of our favourite from other like-minded importers. If you are looking for some advice or for us to put a case together drop us an email at joel@wrightsfood.co.uk