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Vins Hodgson Selection

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In a bid to become a wine writer Kenji Hodgson moved from British Columbia to Japan to do an internship at a winery in Japan where he luckily fell in with a winemaker trying to work more naturally and first tried some french natural wines. On his return to Canada he met Mai in Vancouver who had been working in vineyards and together after a period working vineyards in British Columbia they moved to the Loire to immerse themselves in the natural wine scene, the production and the people. At first the intention was to move back to Canada and buy vines, but they couldn’t afford the land, so winemaker mentor Mark Angeli suggested buying a parcel in Anjou. They never went back.. All of the wines are produced without additions, they have a rigour and attention to detail that is second to none. Inspiring people making inspiring wines.

Cellar these wines! We recommend a couple of years to start seeing their full potential. 

Faia 2018 - Chenin

Les Aussigouins 2018 - Chenin

Le Grande Piece 2018 - Grolleau Noir, Gamay

O Galarneau 2018 - Cabernet Franc