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Sebastien Morin Arcane 2019

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Seb’s journey to becoming a winemaker began in the early 2000s after a chance encounter with Jura legend Jean-Marc Brignot. A friendship blossomed between the two and Seb spent much of the next decade juggling his desk job in Paris with travelling to the Jura to observe and assist in the Brignot cellar. He is counted as one of very privileged few to stand with Jean-Marc at the press, often throughout the night, and although he has certainly forged his own style, he does not deny he has been greatly influenced by the near mythical vigneron. 

Since 2015 he has been based in the southern Beaujolais town of Saint-Étienne-des-Oullières and is farming 1.5 hectares of Gamay just yards from his cellar door. Working at this scale has allowed for a keen eye on the vineyard and rewarded with pristine fruit at harvest despite the challenges of an exceptionally hot and dry growing season in 2018. 

As per much of what he observed from Brignot, Seb's work in his own cellar is gentle and respectful with a long, slow press favoured and all rackings fed by gravity. There are no additions of any kind. The resulting wines in all guises are elegant, structured and incredibly unique portrayals of the Gamay grape - giving pleasure and profundity in equal amounts.

From a 70 year old plot of Gamay planted on sandy granitic soil. A mix of whole bunches and destemmed grapes were left to macerate for 2 months before being pressed into cuve until the end of June. Incredibly refreshing with both tart berries and underlying earthiness on the palate. At 11% this is extremely pleasurable drinking.