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Long Hot Summer Six-Pack

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Six wines for those warm summer days and nights. 

Ariane Lesne, Hop Hop Hop 2020

Delicious dry sparkling rose from Pineau d'Aunis, a touch of Gamay and a bunch of hybrid varietals. Classy and fresh. 

Remi Poujol, Temps Fait Tout Blanc 2020

An iconic and delicious southern white, blend of Ugni Blanc, Viognier, Colombard & Bourboulenc. Very mineral, rounded and refreshing. 

Garo'vin, Lunatic Chenin 2020

Beautiful Chenin Blanc from one of the best terroir for this grape. Rounded, mineral and long. 

Remi Poujol, Temps Fait Tout Rose 2021

Carignan, Grenache and a touch of Viognier. Hazy rose that won't last long!

Francois Saint-Lo Hey Gro! 2021

8.5% Grolleau! Incredibly ripe and rounded for the abv. Full of pretty small red fruits. Perfect summer drinking. 

Laurent Saillard, Syrah/Grenache 2021

Bright and fruity, this is perfect barbecue wine, served chilled or not. 

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